Poetry Books:

Tenement Threnody       Main Street Rag Press. 2016  

Field Theory                       Stephen F. Austin State University Press2011  


Out of the Book in a four-author, perfect-bound collection titled Desire Path, 2005


Cooking with the Muse, Tupelo Press, by Myra Kornfeld and Stephen Massimilla included the poem, The Hunger, 2015.

Representative journal and anthology publications:

  • AMP: The Arch of Hysteria.
  • Barrow Street: Through Summer’s Time.
  • Baybury Review: The Siren’s Call.
  • BigCityLit: Across the Street at the Old Dutch Burying Ground; Dance Through the Days; Little Lady Bountiful and the Poor Widow Lady.
  • Blue Mesa Review: A Covenant; The Hunger.
  • Blueline: As She Taught Me; At the Ophthalmologist’s Office; Drawing the Field at the Arts Colony; The Will of the Bees.
  • Borderlands: Far from a Roman Spring.
  • Bridges Anthology: Dance Through the Days.
  • Caesura: Sweet.
  • Codhill Press Anthology: Between Now and Never.
  • Colere: They’ve Closed the Five and Dimes.
  • Common Ground Review: Echo of the Undertow.
  • Comstock Review: China Rising; Turning This Way and That.
  • Concho River Review: Driving away from the Sun.
  • Conversations Across Borders: A Note to the Dead.
  • The Cortland Review: Stumbling Home the Night after Pearl Harbor.
  • Cowboys & Cocktails, True Grit Saloon Anthology: Courting Stella.
  • Diner: Bad Cess to Her.
  • Earth’s Daughters: Nana Comes to America; Using Her Grandmother’s Flour Sifter.
  • Elysian Fields: Joltin’ Joe, the Fine Arts and Me.
  • Erratica: Paper Dolls.
  • Evening Street Review: Bring Him Home.
  • Fan: Baseball Haiku.
  • Feile-Festa: Doing Her Proud.
  • The Feminist Wire: Joan’s Voices; Surviving Birds; To Have and Have Not.
  • Floating Bridge Review: Another Night on the Road.
  • Friends Journal:  I Tell Him about the Body Bags.
  • Gargoyle: An American in a French Cemetery; Cassandra; Child of My Child; Creation; Returns of the Day New Mexico; Steel the Soldiers’ Hearts; Still the Noises; What Will You Wear to War; Xian Warrior.
  • Gihon River Review: Looking into the Drought; On a Class Trip with Ranger Ron.
  • Healing Muse: Jet Lag.
  • Heliotrope: Mysteries; Owing to One Part of Speech; A Summer Day on a Country Porch.
  • The Homestead Review: In Our Front Yard.
  • I 70 Review: Moving Through the Tropical Air.
  • The Irish American Post: Back to the Neighborhood; Irish in the British Museum; The Prettiest Girl in the Parish; Pulling Up Stakes; Senses Out of Time; State of Grace.
  • Journey to Crone: Respite in Cancale.
  • The Kerf: The City and the Sea; Topographies; Widow’s Watch.
  • The Ledge: At Ground Zero; Senile Dementia, My Dad, and Me.
  • Liberty Hill Poetry Review: Runaway.
  • Lumina: The Ghazal in the Mirror; The Kiss Parenthetically.
  • Main Street Rag: Uncle George’s Fish.
  • The McGuffin: New York City Pastoral.
  • The Midday Moon: Hauntings.
  • MER: Jarheads; Taking Back the Daughter of the Night; Vestigial Organs; Riding Away.
  • Naugatuck River Review: Bringing Back the House; A Cameo; Working against the Case.
  • The Nebraska Review: As Light Transcends Time; The Fall in Connemara; Holiday in Germany.
  • Neovictorian/Cochlea: Dear Mary.
  • The New Laurel Review: Madonna and Child.
  • New Mexico Poetry Review: Icon.
  • Oracle: In the Artist’s Studio Works in Progress; In Knowledge What.
  • Panamowa: Observing Protocol; Pictures of Aunt Louise.
  • The Paris Review: During the Reading Wherein the Poem of Billy C Disrobes Emily D; Ladies Who Lunch; On Seeing an Ex-Husband on the Cheese Line of the Gourmet Grocery Store; Through My Most Grievous Fault.
  • Persimmon Tree: The Town That Never Was, forthcoming Winter 2017.
  • Phoebe: Role Playing at the Management Seminar.
  • PMS poemmemoirstory: Working Around Peterson’s Field Guide.
  • Poemeleon: Going Through Changes; The Widows Lunch.
  • Poetry Bone: Les Causeuses.
  • Poetry Motel: Call It Out.
  • Poetry South: In His Line of Sight; The Willowware Sings.
  • Qarrtsiluni: We Never Talk Anymore.
  • RE:AL, The Journal of the Liberal Arts: A Photo Shoot on Astor Place.
  • The Recorder: Back to the Streets; From the Underground; The Mugging.
  • Room of One’s Own: Familial Signs; After the Biopsy.
  • RUNES: Once Numinous Landscape.
  • The Same: Beware the Conjurie.
  • San Pedro River Review: Pietà; No Way Out; Through a Dark Wood.
  • Scintilla: My Marine  My Grandson; New Ways to War.
  • A Slant of Light: Between Now and Never.
  • So to Speak: Behind the Looking Glass.
  • The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review: Some Questions at the Nursing Home.
  • Texas Poetry Calendar: Stella.
  • 13th Moon: Lessons from Uncle Ned.
  • Tipton Poetry Journal: Tomorrow Before.
  • Tucumcari Literary Review: Keeping Company; Lady-in-Waiting.
  • Two Hundred New Mexico Poems: Out of the Frame.
  • Urban Spaghetti: As You Taught Me.
  • Valley Voices: Coloring the End Of July; From Here to There; The First Ones; Return Flight; Rise Up at the Voice of the Bird.
  • West Branch: A New Law Tenement—1941; October Offerings; Pre-Cana; Standing; Sundown Syndrome.
  • Westchester Review: My Father’s Harmonica; She Speaks to the Stones.
  • Western Humanities Review: From The All About Storybook.
  • Wings: Leavings.
  • Witness: Looking for Degrees of Consanguinity.
  • Women Artists Datebook 2020: Pity Me Not the Waning of the Moon.
  • World Enough Writers Coffee Poems Anthology: Lo, Yon Cup Runneth.
  • The Xavier Review: Out of the Book—Author’s Note, Parts I, II, III, VII, VIII, IX.
  • Yellow Bat Review: The Heart of Rock ‘n Roll.

Forthcoming: The Courtship of Winds: TV News; D-Day at the American Cemetery; What a National Guardsman Does during a Pandemic. Dash Literary Journal: As It Is Woven.